5 Kid and Teen Dancers We Can’t Get Enough Of

Parker Barry

We love dance so much that we made an app about it. Sometimes you wanna dance, but sometimes you just want to watch better dancers dance to get some inspiration. And these kids are definitely inspiring. You’ve probably seen some of them before. They’ve danced their way into viral video fame, onto the Ellen Show and even onto tour with Janet Jackson. Check out their skills in these videos.

These talented twin teens will dance anywhere …

… at the grocery store

  … in parking lots  


… at the mall


… in the library


… at Target


… at school.

Even their #dancefails are awesome.



We’re guessing their mother approves. #momgoals


We know Heaven’s mom, Tianne, approves: This Mommy & Me dance duo has …

… appeared in a Cheerios commercial


… performed on the Ellen Show


… and re-created Beyoncé videos.


You’ll also find 5-year-old Heaven dancing with her crew. They’ve …

… made a music video that’s been viewed more than 144 million times


… and then made a tutorial for that video to show you not just how to whip and nae nae but also how to do the stanky leg and superman.


OK … this kid. We just don’t even know where to begin. He’s 9, and his music videos are everything, whether he’s …

… alone doing the whip and the nae nae


… with his crew hitting the quan


… or with a dance partner almost convincing us that “Trap Queen” is a legit puppy-love song. Almost.

Oh, and he was on the Ellen Show too.

She’s on tour with Janet Jackson. You could stop reading there. But there’s more. This talented 12-year-old has …

… performed on the Ellen Show not once but twice

… performed in dozens of popular dance videos on YouTube, like this one with her choreographer

… and made a super-fun video with her little sister Reese.

Check out a brand-new video featuring her and fellow tween dancer Kyndall Harris (also touring with Janet Jackson!).

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