Meet Virginia

Age 7, Brazil



Virginia is good at writing, reading and lots more! Her friends and family say she is kind, principled, responsible, a risk taker and lots more. She likes to play, do homework, write, read and go to school.

What's for Lunch?

Virginia's dad made her lunch, and she ate it at home.


What’s for lunch today? Is it an everyday lunch?

Pork, mashed potatoes, sprinkled with grated cheese and a dash of ketchup. On the side, a cherry tomato salad with lots of balsamic vinegar and some “caldinho de feij√£o” (black bean soup). This is what I usually have for lunch when I am at home, and also the kind of meal I have for dinner every day. Yummy!


If you could change anything about this lunch, what would you change?


What was the best thing about this lunch?

The ketchup!

I Get Around

Virginia took her photos on her way to school.

Is this your usual mode of transportation? If not, how do you usually get around?

Yes, usually my dad drives me to school. I come home with the school bus.


Did you see anything interesting or unusual as you were getting around on this day?

No, it was the same.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about getting around on this day?

I love going to school with my dad because he lets me use his iPad.

My Style

Virginia wears a uniform to school, and chooses her other outfits with her mom. She only needs one word to describe her style: "Good."


Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?

I thought it was beautiful!


Would you say this is pretty much how you dress every day? Is there anything unusual about this outfit?

It’s a new dress which was really long and now I grew up and I can wear it! This was the first time I was able to wear this dress.


What was your favorite part of this outfit? Why?

The dress, because it’s beautiful!

My Happy Place

Virginia's special place is a big park in the city where she lives, a few blocks from her home. She goes there on weekends when it's sunny.


How would you describe your special place?

It’s a big park, but it’s a little bit smaller than Central Park in New York.


Why is this place special to you?

Because there are toys I can play with and I can walk my dog. I like the gym area best!


How do you feel when you are there?



Do you want to tell us anything else about your special place?

There are also trees I can climb!


What does lunch look like for kids around the world?