Meet Siobhan

Age 11, Australia



Siobhan is good at making up jokes that make her family laugh. Her friends and family say she’s funny, clever, beautiful, lovely, witty, rational, happy, intelligent, happy, attendant and strong-willed. In Siobhan’s own words: “I like listening to music, going out with my friends, riding my bike or roller blades.”

Whats for Lunch?

Siobhan's grandmother "Lela" made her lunch, and she ate it at her grandparent's house.


What’s for lunch today? Is it an everyday lunch?

I had rice with vegetables, a roasted potato and a roll of homemade bread. The rice and vegetables was left over from dinner that my grandmother and aunty had together, the previous evening. It was like a stir fry but without the frying. My aunty is very healthy, she probably made it. The roasted potatoes were cooked in the oven and I don’t know how my grandmother gets them so crunchy, not even mum can do that. My “Lela” makes yummy bread and every time we go and visit, she has freshly made the bread so the apartment smells so so so delicious. For a weekend this is usually a standard meal.



If you could change anything about this lunch, what would you change?

I wouldn’t change anything because I love anything my grandmother makes. She is a good cook and she usually makes things that I love, e.g. sushi, yummy!



What was the best thing about this lunch?

The best thing was that lunch was all homemade. I love that it’s all homemade because it’s healthy.

I Get Around

Siobhan took her photos on the way to the doctor. It was a rainy day, so it was very dark and cold.

Is this your usual mode of transportation? If not, how do you usually get around?

For most things, Mum or Dad drive me, like to school, but I do like riding my bike and walking. Mum says we live a bit too far for me to walk to school.

Did you see anything interesting or unusual as you were getting around on this day?

I was on the way to the doctors for a checkup because on Thursday/Friday I was in hospital. While we were driving to the doctors, a car made an illegal turn at the lights unto oncoming traffic.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about getting around on this day?

It was a rainy day today so it was very dark and cold.

My Style

Siobhan wears a school uniform during the week, but her other outfits are usually decided between her mum and her. "My personal style is casual: jeans, shirt/jumper and my Converse shoes."


Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?

I chose to wear my outfit today as we had a celebration, my friend Arabella’s First Holy Communion.


Would you say this is pretty much how you dress every day? Is there anything unusual about this outfit?

I would usually wear a dress only for special occasions/celebrations. I would usually wear jeans, jumper and my converse as it’s winter here in Australia and it has been really cold. Today was a beautiful day and quite warm so it was nice to wear something other than casual. I told mum that I missed wearing dresses 🙂


What was your favorite part of this outfit? Why?

I liked my shoes as they are brand new.

My Happy Place

Siobhan's special place is her bed, which is in her bedroom. "I go on my bed every day. I sit on my bed every afternoon and evening. During the weekends, I'm also on there. I don't just sleep on my bed."


How would you describe your special place?

My bed is so soft and cozy. It is a wooden, double-size loft bed and was bought about three years ago.


Why is this place special to you?

This place is special to me because I love relaxing on my bed, and it’s so super soft. The bed itself is unique as my dad and grandfather turned the bed upside so that it wasn’t so high. It can be a traditional loft or what I call a semi-loft.


How do you feel when you are there?

I feel relaxed on my bed. I imagine things on there, I take part in the adventures that are in my books and I think about a lot of things from what job I will have when I’m older to where I will travel.


Do you want to tell us anything else about your special place?

My bedroom in general is special as my room was my great-grandmother’s room. She and I were very close.


What does lunch look like for kids around the world?