Meet Kema

Age 10, South Africa


Kema plays tennis every day, and dreams of becoming the No. 1 tennis player in the world! She plays with her sister, who also wants to become a professional tennis player. “We have a secret handshake for when we win doubles!”

What's for Lunch?

Kema's dad made her lunch, which was special because he doesn't usually make lunch during the week. She ate it at home in the kitchen.


What’s for lunch today? Is it an everyday lunch?

This meal is a popular South African dish which is called a boerie roll. A boerie roll is like a hot dog except the sausage you use is called boerewors. A very south African sausage meat that we usually have on a cookout but you can eat it any time. My meal had a whole wheat roll, boerewors sausage and ketchup and some fries on the side.


If you could change anything about this lunch, what would you change?

I would not change anything about my lunch because I loved it especially the taste of the boerewors sausage.

What was the best thing about this lunch?

The best part of this lunch other than the boerie is the ketchup because I love ketchup.

I Get Around

Kema took her photos on the way to play tennis, which she plays every day. She dreams of becoming the No. 1 tennis player in the world!

Is this your usual mode of transportation? If not, how do you usually get around?

Yeah this is my usual mode of transportation inside the estate, but when we go outside the estate we go in a car.

Did you see anything interesting or unusual as you were getting around on this day?

There was not really anything. Just me on my usual ride to the tennis court.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about getting around on this day?

The usual, Hadidas cawing and making a racket (not a tennis one 🙂 ) cats chasing small birds and each other.

My Style

Kema's parents sometimes offer suggestions, but she says "I am my No. 1 dresser." "My style is fresh, hip and in season. I don't wear one specific look but I like happy and pretty looks."


Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?

I chose this outfit today because it was a Sunday and I was going to church. I like to look pretty when I go to church.

Would you say this is pretty much how you dress every day? Is there anything unusual about this outfit?

No, this is not usually how I dress. I usually wear shorts, tracksuits and skorts because I play a lot of tennis.


What was your favorite part of this outfit? Why?

My favorite part of the of my outfit was the skirt because it is very comfortable.

My Happy Place

Kema's special place is her tennis court in her estate, just around the corner from her house. She goes there "every day, mornings and afternoons."


How would you describe your special place?

It’s my neighborhood court. It’s in a green space, behind a row of houses. Pretty private but easy to find.


Why is this place special to you?

This place is special to me because I spend a lot of my time there and it’s the place where I play my favorite sport.


How do you feel when you are there?

I feel like I can do anything. Like a fearless warrior. I’m happy and free.

Do you want to tell us anything else about your special place?

Another reason why it’s special to me is because I play there with my sister. She also wants to become a professional tennis player. We have a secret handshake for when we win doubles!


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