Meet Cadence

Age 12, California, U.S.A.


Cadence is good at drawing and art. Her friends and family say she is creative, funny, sarcastic and nice. She enjoys painting, crafting and reading. “I’ve been drawing since I was very young (3?) and my earliest memory of my art is when I was 5 years old. My mom says my facial expressions were on point.”

What's for Lunch?

Cadence got her lunch from a falafel food truck, and she ate lunch with her mom in the park.



What’s for lunch today? Is it an everyday lunch?

My lunch was falafel in a pita topped with pickled onions and chili sauce with sweet potato fries on the side. It was pretty unusual that day since we got it from a food truck. Usually my lunches have foods such as pasta, tacos or sometimes vegetarian sushi.


If you could change anything about this lunch, what would you change?

Nothing … I really enjoyed it!


What was the best thing about this lunch?

The best thing about the lunch was the falafel because it had so many spices and flavors.

I Get Around

Cadence took her photos on her way to school in her mom's car.

Is this your usual mode of transportation? If not, how do you usually get around?

Yes, I usually ride in a car to school. I sit in the front with my mom, and my brother (in the photo) rides in the back seat.

Did you see anything interesting or unusual as you were getting around on this day?

On my way to school, I always pass a tall house with a large colorful hummingbird painted on the side of it. I think that the mural is very beautiful and interesting.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about getting around on this day?

On a different day, I once saw a double rainbow on this same route. It’s hard to see in this photo, but it was really cool.

My Style

Cadence chooses her own outfits. The shirt she wore this day was special because she drew the image herself, then ironed it on to the shirt.


Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?

I chose to wear this outfit because the shirt is a representation of my art.



Would you say this is pretty much how you dress every day? Is there anything unusual about this outfit?

This is mostly how I dress every day. I don’t always wear skirts or shirts with my art on it.


What was your favorite part of this outfit? Why?

My favorite part about my outfit was my shirt because I was proud of what I made.

My Happy Place

Cadence's special place is her desk.


How would you describe your special place?

I consider my desk my creative space. It’s where I make a lot of my art and projects.


Why is this place special to you?

My desk is special because it gives me my own space to do everything: homework, drawing, jewelry-making, nails, etc.When I am being creative it’s helpful to have my own space.


How do you feel when you are there?

When I’m there, I feel more focused and able to do my work.

Do you want to tell us anything else about your special place?

I recently moved and didn’t have my desk for a while (it was broken during the move). It was really hard not having my own creative space, and I’m so glad to have it back!


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