Meet Bobo

Age 9, Sweden



Bobo’s good at Minecraft. His friends and family say he’s kind, funny and knows a lot of music and songs. Bobo says he likes playing basketball, gaming, watching YouTube videos and listening to music.

What's for Lunch?

Bobo ate lunch at his grandparents' farm on the countryside, on their balcony. His grandmother made his lunch this day (he thinks). He enjoyed lunch with his parents, his brother, his grandparents and his cousin.



What’s for lunch today? Is it an everyday lunch?

Meatballs and fried potatoes, with cucumber and ketchup. I don’t really like potatoes but we had to have them since they were leftovers from the day before. I normally only eat with my parents and brother, not with my grandparents and cousin.


If you could change anything about this lunch, what would you change?

Exchange the potato for macaroni.


What was the best thing about this lunch?

The meatballs were unusually tasty, different from the ones I get at home.

I Get Around

Bobo took his photos on the way to buy yummy candy from his favorite candy store with his brother and friends. They go to the candy store every Saturday.

Is this your usual mode of transportation? If not, how do you usually get around?

No, I normally walk to and from my school every day. On the weekends we travel by car, bus or subway.

Did you see anything interesting or unusual as you were getting around on this day?

We went to the top of a skyscraper where we could see all of Stockholm. It is our capital city but it seemed very small from above.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about getting around on this day?

We bought yummy candy!

My Style

Bobo isn't sure how he'd describe his style, but he always chooses his outfits.


Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?

I like it because it is my new back to school outfit.


Would you say this is pretty much how you dress every day? Is there anything unusual about this outfit?

They are all new. I’ve recently started wearing vest tops and I have three that I like. I only wear shorts in the summer time.


What was your favorite part of this outfit? Why?

I like the knitted sweater. Because grey and white are some of my favorite colors.

My Happy Place

Bobo's special place is the staircase outside his house. "I pass it every day, but we only hang out there in the warm season. In the winter we don’t see each other that often."


How would you describe your special place?

We live in a completely round house and the space in the middle is a communal garden. The staircase is a cozy place for me because we always hang out there in the summer evenings. I have neighbors who are also my friends and we have fun together. There are 11 kids between the ages of 2 to 15, and their parents, who share this staircase.


Why is this place special to you?

We hang out, we talk and eat treats together.


How do you feel when you are there?

Very good, it is cozy and nice to be around friends.


Do you want to tell us anything else about your special place?

It is the only place in the whole backyard where people hang out like this.


What does lunch look like for kids around the world?