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For Grown-Ups

We want Toca Robot Lab to be a source of inspiration for your child’s creativity. Kids are used to creating brand new things out of most anything. It can start with stacking simple building blocks in bright colors. But soon enough they will have transformed those blocks into beautiful houses, fast cars and tunnels for the cars to drive through. Building your own functioning robot in real life is a bit more advanced, but in Toca Robot Lab it’s possible!

Have fun!

– Chris Lindgren, Play Designer

How to play

In Toca Robot Lab the building blocks are scrap parts from the junk yard. Legs, stomachs, heads and arms are made out of old parts from coffee machines, airplanes, fans, lamps and much more. In each session, you get three different suggestions for each body part to choose from. We believe that limiting options adds a level of surprise that makes the game last longer.

When your robot is fully assembled it’s time to give it a test run in the lab! Touch the screen and drag your finger in different directions to make the robot fly. There are lots of bouncy balls and bricks in the lab that challenge your child’s fine motor ability. Can he or she find the three hidden stars and collect them? Finally, deliver the robot to the big magnet, receive a test report and you are ready to start over!

To talk about

It’s fun to think about the different features your robot will gain depending on the parts you choose. One arm made of scissors and another made of a watering hose make the perfect garden robot. And a coffee making stomach comes in handy when you want to take a break!

Hopefully playing Toca Robot Lab will make your kid start thinking of other great robot features. Take the opportunity to let him or her draw and cut out robot pieces to combine and play with! You could even use some empty boxes to build three dimensional robots together and talk about the smartness of reusing old stuff to make new creations instead of just throwing things away.