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For Grown-Ups

Welcome to our design letter

Have you ever found an injured bird or helped snails to cross the street so they don’t get crushed? The feeling of being needed and helping others, who are smaller and in need of some extra love, is magical.

That’s what Toca Pet Doctor is all about! You’ll recognize most of our furry friends, from birds to bunnies. You may have met some of them in a friend’s home, in your front yard, or on your way to daycare or school. You may even have a dog or cat of your very own. Now, the pets need your help!

Chris Lindgren, Play Designer

To Talk About

Toca Pet Doctor is designed to suit even the youngest of kids. The activities are easy to grasp and carry out. Simply grab hold of the turtle’s arm and flip it back over on its feet again, or squeeze the worm as to release the knot. To play together: take turns catching flees in the dog’s fur or help to set the bones in the dove’s wing and wrap it up in a bandage to heal. Once the treatment is done, you can give the animals a treat – a fly to the spider, a fish to the cat or seeds and berries to the birds.

How To Play

Toca Pet Doctor is inspired by Toca Boca’s previous doctor app – Toca Doctor. In a similar way, Toca Pet Doctor offers a number of mini games in which minor injuries, illnesses and daily activities such as brushing teeth are cured and carried out in a playful way. Toca Pet Doctor focuses on animals, but kids will still recognize the injuries and illnesses from their own lives. Does the frog have chickenpox that need cream to stop the itching?

Once your pet patient has been treated, they fall asleep. You can easily wake them up and help them again if you want. When all fifteen are cured, it’s time to check on your own favorite stuffed animals and see if they also need your care and attention. Sometimes an extra hug is just what the doctor ordered.