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Design Notes

Letter from the team

Hi there,

With Toca Mystery House, we wanted to create a memorable place for you to explore and fall in love with—like a favourite bedtime story that taps into the experience of crossing paths with the spooky and strange; that feeling of being uncertain, yet excited. Think of it as a house that could seem scary at first, but something you grow to love as you get to know its residents. It’s all about curiosity and exploration and embracing the unknown.

With Toca Mystery House, we play with themes that blur the boundaries between music, science-fiction, role-play and spooky stories. One minute you’re solving puzzles and making flowers grow, the next you’re creating music with an ancient troll.

So step inside and explore the strange. We hope you have the kind of experience that stays with you.

The Toca Mystery House Team

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The Team


Emil Ovemar, Creative Director
Chris Lindgren, Kids & Play Research Manager
Viva Ivarsson, Play Designer
Klevgränd, Music & Sound
Sebastian Bularca, Programmer
Giana Calvello, Senior Marketing Manager
Zemika Assedal, Community Manager
Eddy Moulder, Animator
Emil Berner, Freelance Artist
Michaela Rosengren, Marketing Designer
Nick Ljungqvist, Head of DevOps & IT
Andreas Bergman, Senior Android Developer
Matti Grip, Senior iOS Developer