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For Grown-Ups

Welcome to our design letter

Toca Mini inspires kids all ages to engage in creative play. Every Mini starts with the same blank canvas, a three dimensional figurine, who is looking to be whatever your childs imagination can dream up!

Your Toca Mini comes to life as soon as you open the app. It reacts with admiration and surprise while you add color and shapes. Give your Mini a mouth and you can hear its voice, or add eyes and watch them blink. Simply let your Mini be and it will pass time by waving, singing, and dancing and even try to scare you!

The inviting environment of Toca Mini combined with fun and innovative tools make it easy for kids to get inspired. Tap the characters body to open the tools and get started!

Facial features: Drag and drop eyes, nose, mouth or eyebrows on your Mini. All facial features can be moved and removed at any time.

Stamps: Put stamps in different shapes and forms on the Mini. When you drag a stamp you can rotate it by moving another finger in a circular motion. To make the stamp larger or smaller move your fingers in and out. Only the last stamp placed can be moved or removed. To use different stamp colors tap the color wheel.

Paint: Tap a color to select. Paint it by dragging your finger up and down. The color is painted all around the character.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that all children will be able to create a Mini. Even the smallest ones will be able to paint it in different colors. The animated facial features provides fast fun and the ready-made stamps can be used to easily make scars, buttons, shoelaces and hearts!

For the advanced user there are also geometrical stamps to color, rotate, scale and combine to create unique patterns. Complement them with paint and it the result will be very impressive. Check out the Minis on the start screen for added inspiration!

Be Inspired:
* A Mini can be anyone! Make a superhero, a cat, yourself, or your best friend. Or why not a robot or an alien.
* Change the background to better fit your unique character.
* Try creating a Toca Boca character or a one from your favorite book.
* Rotate the Mini to design in all angles. Use stamps to create back pockets on jeans, put a tail on the animal or maybe a pair of eyes on the neck?
* Create great hair with stamps in the shape of bangs, curls and tails.

Share your Mini
Take a photo of your Mini as soon as you’re done. Wait for it to make the perfect pose! When you decide to start over the Mini waves goodbye and you’ll get a brand new and shiny Mini. Who should that be?

In the Settings panel on your Apple device, there is an icon for Toca Mini. If you open it, you will find options for the “Toca News” and “For Grown-Ups” buttons on the start screen. Toggling these to “off” will remove the buttons. Toggle “Snapshots Savings” to “off” and no photos will be saved in your camera roll. You can also choose to turn the music off, but still keep sound effects.

Chris Lindgren, Play Designer