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Design notes

Letter from the Play Designer

Welcome to Toca Life World! 

Toca Life World is filled with possibilities and choices. We invite you to make up your own stories and play with a variety of characters and places to visit. You can build homes and create your dream house and also style the characters with all kinds of outfits and props, for a fully customizable play experience. Once you’ve chosen your characters and outfitted them in a way you like, just bring them along to whatever location you want to explore, and let your imagination go wild. We designed Toca Life World to be open-ended and free of rules, unlike the real world.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing Toca Life World. Expect updates and more exciting additions that enable you to continue to grow your world!

Petter Karlsson, Play Designer


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How to play


  • Swipe on the globe to spin it and see the different districts.
  • Tap the sun to change from day into night, and tap the moon to change it back.
  • Tap on a building to visit a location. You’ll find lots of things to do in each location.


  • Move characters around to act out situations.
  • Dress up characters by dragging the hats and masks you find lying around onto their heads.
  • Change characters’ clothes by dragging outfits onto their bodies.
  • Give characters food or drinks by dragging edible items to their mouths.
  • Give characters things to hold by dragging objects to their hands. If you give a character an item to hold, they’ll bring it with them even if you go to another location.


  • Move objects around to set up for different scenarios.
  • Toggle certain objects by tapping them, such as putting out and lighting candles and changing channels on the radio.
  • Tap some objects, like a water faucet or doors, to get different results.

Everything is saved the way you left it as you leave each location. There are lots of things to do, like throwing stuff in the trash, host a party and going to sleep. Explore the app with a curious mind and you’ll find a lot of surprises!

To talk about

With Toca Life, we want to supply a toolbox that will let you and your child act out as many different situations as possible. You can play hide and seek, clean up a messy place or prepare a family breakfast. It’s especially interesting to explore everyday situations that your kid isn’t usually in charge of, like getting ready for school or going shopping at the mall. What would happen if your kid were the boss of these things? A lot of unexpected things maybe, but you might also find a lot more responsibility than you thought your kid was capable of in these situations. What else would you be interested in seeing your kid handle?


If you want to purchase locations beyond what the Toca Life: World app comes with and the locations that you’ve already downloaded, enter the Shop. You find the green shop button on the app’s start screen, and in the top left corner of the map. Once you’re in the shop, you can find loads of different purchasable elements you can add  to your world. If you don’t want the shop to appear in the app, you can turn it off in the app settings.

You can find all your characters by tapping the sidewalk sign in the bottom right corner. You can also transport the characters and anything they are holding between locations via the sidewalk.

Screen recording
If you see a blue film reel icon in the top right corner when you’re in a location it means you can use the screen recording feature. It records your microphone along with anything you do on the screen. Press the button to activate it and you and your kids can record the stories they make. Each recording lasts a maximum of two minutes. Afterward you can choose to preview, export to camera roll or delete your video.

If your locations are starting to feel a bit too messy, you can do a quick cleanup by pressing and holding the reset button in the top right corner of the map screen. Everything in all locations will be magically tidied, and all of your characters’ hairstyles, clothing and accessories will reset to their default settings.

Are you missing some items you have seen before? Or maybe you’d like to redecorate? Head over to the storage location on the map. In it you can find seasonal items and outfits that have been packed away. You’ll also find a bunch of storage boxes you can bring with you and fill up. Maybe pack a box with things you don’t need right now and move it to storage for later use.

Toca Life MIX
Toca Life MIX is your source for fun insights into the world of Toca Life! Located in the top left corner on the start screen, this feature offers fun videos and tips, and is updated weekly so you can stay up to date on all things Toca Life.

If you’d like to have a bit of peace and quiet while your kids are playing Toca Life, just go to settings on your device and switch off the music in the app. You also have the option to turn off the icons on the start screen for what we call Toca News, the shop in which you buy more locations, as well as for the For Grown-ups section, which you are reading now.

Character Creator
Now you can design your very own characters and play with them inside Toca Life: World with the Character Creator! Choose from hundreds of options for skin tones, outfits, hairstyles, facial features, prosthetic limbs, body types, and more–you can make yourself, your family, friends, or the character of your dreams! The free version of Character Creator is available now; you can buy the full version in the shop — it includes more than 1,000 features for customization. For players using the full version, we’ll update the creator tool with new items every month. Bonus! To try out Character Creator, tap the play button on the start screen and swipe to the left from the Bop City to get to the brand-new Creator’s Campus.


The Team



Emil Ovemar, Executive Producer/Co-founder
Mathilda Engman, General Manager Toca Life


Johanna Andersson, Communications Designer
Max Heirbaut, Producer
Michaela Rosengren, Designer
Molly Battles, Senior PR Manager
Rebecca Crusoe, Marketing Director


Chris Lindgren, Kids & Play Research Manager
Nar Parisawan, Senior Analytics Manager
Sheena Coseip, Data Infrastructure Manager
Stanley Young, Business Analyst
Steven Wu, Head of Analytics


Daniel Abensour, Freelance Artist
Dennis Bagstevold, Freelance QA
Erik Blåsjö, Freelance Programmer
Fille Åström, Freelance Programmer
Filippa Nilsson Kallhed, Customer Support
Håkan Lidbo, Freelance Music & Sound
Jonas Holgersson, Programmer
Jonathan Dahl, Freelance Animator
Julia Adamsson, Freelance iOS Programmer
Joy Chang, Senior Partner Manager
Linus Thorelli, Programmer Intern
Lucas Kampmann Duroj, Freelance Programmer
Martin Wallin, Programmer
Matylda McIlvenny, Freelance UX
Nathaniel Vaughn, Freelance QA
Rebecca Tell, Freelance Artist
Red Pipe Sound Design AB, Freelance Music & Sound
Seb Roux, Art Director
Walid Sodki, Freelance QA


The Toca Life series is made possible through a dedicated game team but also by using various open source plugins, other open source software and sometimes we work with friends or others companies that we like to acknowledge.