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Design notes

Letter from the play designer - Toca Life: Stable

It’s time to ride!

Hello and welcome to Toca Life: Stable. As with all of the apps in the Toca Life series, Toca Life: Stable puts kids in the director’s seat to make up their own stories. There are no rules or scripted scenarios; it’s all up to your kid to decide what happens to the inhabitants of Toca Life. We keep listening to all of the amazing feedback we get from kids, and many have asked us to add horses in the world of Toca Life. Now we have — a lot of them. We’ve also included many ways to play with them, from dressage or jousting to a ride in the woods. With Toca Life: Stable your kid be both a caretaker and an adventurer!

A good start to discover what you can do with the horses is to head over to the stable. Here you can pick horses you like and groom them. You could also play stable chores like feeding the horses or clearing out the dung. Choose some nice horse tack and get on with your riding. If you want to chill out a bit you can find the club room and relax on the sofa.

Ready for a challenge? With the horse transport you can travel to all of the locations. Use it now to go to the arena. Here you can gather a big crowd to watch or take part in horse jumping, show riding or a motorcycle race. When you’re done, head over to the food court to grab a snack, then finish off by taking your place on the podium!

Time to ride off track! In the forest you can find your own adventure. Explore the wild or spend a night under the stars on a sleeping mat. Start the next day by having a swim in the waterfall!

We’ve packed the shop with many different types of horse tack, outfits and also some nice things for celebrating holidays.

With Toca Life: Stable we hope you will enjoy playing in a world filled with horses. Toca Life a place that encourages the storyteller in everyone. Watch for updates and more exciting additions to the Toca Life series coming in the near future!

Happy riding!
Petter Karlsson, Play Designer


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How to play

What to do

On the map screen, tap on a building to visit one of the various locations. You’ll find lots of things to do in each location.


  • Move characters around to act out situations.
  • Dress up characters by dragging hats and masks lying around onto their heads.
  • Change characters’ costumes by dragging them onto their bodies.
  • Give characters food or drinks by dragging edible items to their mouths.
  • Give characters things to hold by dragging objects to their hands. If you give a character an item to hold, they’ll bring it with them even if you go to another location.


  • Move objects around to set up for different scenarios.
  • Toggle certain objects by tapping them, such as putting out and lighting candles and changing channels on the radio.
  • Tap some objects — like the water faucet in the kitchen or fridge doors — to get different results.

Everything is saved the way you left it as you leave a location. There are lots of things to do like throwing stuff in the trash, cook food and go to sleep. Explore the app with a curious mind and you’ll find a lot of surprises!

To talk about

With Toca Life we want to supply a toolbox that will let you and your child act out as many different situations as possible. You can play hide and seek, clean up a messy place or prepare a family breakfast. It’s especially interesting to explore everyday situations that your kid isn’t usually in charge of, like getting ready for school or going shopping at the mall. What would happen if your kid were the boss of these things? A lot of crazy things, maybe, but you might also find a lot more responsibility than you thought your kid was capable of in these situations. What else would you be interested in seeing your kid handle?


All your characters can be accessed by tapping the sidewalk sign in the bottom right-hand corner. You can also transport the characters and anything they are holding between locations via the sidewalk.


If your locations are starting to feel a bit too messy, you can do a quick cleanup by pressing the reset button in the top right corner of the map screen. Everything will be magically tidied and all of your characters’ hairstyles and clothing will reset to their default settings.


Are you missing some items you have seen before? Or maybe you’d like to redecorate your home? Head over to the storage location on the map. In it you can find seasonal items and outfits that have been packed away. You’ll also find a bunch of storage boxes you can bring with you and fill up. Maybe pack a box with things you don’t need right now and move it to storage for later use.


If you’d like to have a bit of peace and quiet while your kids are playing Toca Life, just go to settings at the top right corner on your start screen. If you tap this you can switch off the music in the app. This also gives you the option to turn off the icons on the start screen for what we call Toca News, as well as for the For Grown-Ups section, which you are reading now.

The Team


Viktor Khan, Freelance Animator
Ewa Kossowska, Freelance Artist
Fille Åström, Freelance Programmer
Will Jordan, Freelance Programmer
Håkan Lidbo, Freelance Music & sound
Jonas Kjellberg, Freelance Music
Typhaine Uro, Artist Intern


The Toca Life series is made possible through a dedicated game team but also by using various open source plugins, other open source software and sometimes we work with friends or others companies that we like to acknowledge.