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Design notes

Letter from the play designer

Hello and a very warm welcome to Toca Life: School!

Toca Life: School is the third app in the Toca Life series. Like all the apps in the Toca Life series, Toca Life: School puts your child in the director’s seat, giving them the control to make up their own stories. That’s why you’ll find few predefined animations and no scripted scenarios or rules, so that your child decides what happens to the inhabitants of Toca Life, and no one else.

Introducing a completely new cast of characters and scenes unique to Toca Life: School. We hope you find everything you and your child need to tell stories about their school life, such as getting ready for school at the house, experimenting with chemistry in class, grabbing lunch in the school cafeteria as well as playing on the playground at recess or just hanging out in the youth club after school.

If you know your child likes to make a mess, we’ve added a special feature to the cafeteria to support food fights and, of course, cleaning up afterward. If you find things get too messy, just tap our reset button in the map view and everything will be magically tidied up. And because school rocks, you’ll find instruments in the youth club to put on a musical performance.

With updates and more exciting additions to the Toca Life series coming in the near future, we hope you will find Toca Life a place that encourages the storyteller in everyone, and makes anything possible.

Enjoy your time here!
Willow Mellbratt, Play Designer


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All your characters can be accessed by tapping the sidewalk sign in the bottom right-hand corner. You can also transport the characters and anything they are holding between locations via the sidewalk.

recording_buttonScreen recording
You might notice a blue film reel icon in the top right hand corner when you are in a location. This is the screen recording feature. It records microphone input along with anything you do on the screen. Tap the button to activate it and you and your kids can record the stories they make. Each recording lasts a maximum of 2 minutes. Afterwards you can choose to preview, export to camera roll, or delete your video.

Moving around stuff can after a while become a bit too messy. If you want to do a quick cleanup you just have to tap our reset button in the top right-hand corner of the map screen and everything will be magically tidied. Also all of your characters’ hairstyles and clothing will reset to their default settings.

Are you missing some items you have seen before? Or maybe you’d like to redecorate your home? Head over to the storage location on the map. In it you can find seasonal items and outfits that have been packed away. You’ll also find a bunch of storage boxes you can bring with you and fill up. Maybe pack a box with things you don’t use right now and move it to storage for later use.

life_weekly_buttonLife Weekly
Life Weekly is your source for the fun happenings in Toca Life! Located in the top right corner on the start screen, this feature gives you fun insights into the world of the Toca Life series! Featuring fun videos and the best tips, this spot will update weekly to give you the inside scoop.

If you’d like to have a bit of peace and quiet while your kids are playing Toca Life, just go to settings on your device and switch off the music in the app. This also gives you the option to turn off the icons on the start screen for what we call Toca News, as well as for the For Grown-Ups section, which you are reading now.

The Team


Elvira Björkman, Music
Håkan Lidbo, Freelance Music & sound
Viktor Khan, Freelance animator
Michael Grünewald, Freelance developer
Fille Åström, Freelance developer
Klara Miesenberger de Morais, QA
André Pettersson, QA


The Toca Life series is made possible through a dedicated game team but also by using various open source plugins, other open source software and sometimes we work with friends or others companies that we like to acknowledge.