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Letter from the play designer

Hi there,

Preparing and serving food is one of the oldest customs of civilization, gathering around a meal is a tradition that goes back to our earliest ancestors. Over time, people came up with their own creative and unique ways to cook, recognizing and breaking formal traditions at home and in restaurants. With Toca Kitchen Sushi, we want to give you the chance to explore a new kind of restaurant, one that you might not have visited before.

Toca Kitchen Sushi puts the player behind the sushi counter, preparing dishes for three different customers. They each have their own food preferences, but are eager to try out whatever you make. You are in charge, so even if the place starts out as a sushi restaurant, there is no telling what you will actually serve at the end–there are all kinds of ingredients to try out.

Use a rice machine to create a base for nigiri, or see what happens if you put other ingredients into the machine. A rolling mat can be used to create the perfect maki roll, but maybe you’re more in the mood for a burrito? Once you’ve decided what’s on the menu, choose a plate, arrange your creation on it, and even pick out a few decorations! There are so many options, you can customize your menu to offer exactly the kind of food you’d like, served up in any way you can imagine. I hope you’re ready–your restaurant is now open for business!

– Viva Ivarsson
Play Designer

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The Team


Emil Ovemar, Creative Director
Chris Lindgren, Kids & Play Research Manager
Red Pipe, Music & Sound
Sebastian Bularca, Programmer
Emil Berner, Freelance Artist
Nick Ljungqvist, Head of DevOps & IT
Andreas Bergman, Senior Android Developer
Matti Grip, Senior iOS Developer
Hugo Killgren Miesenberger, QA Intern
Sebastian Roux, Marketing Art Director
Molly Battles, Senior PR Manager
Adrianna Bamber, Marketing Designer
Eric Neff, Motion Graphics Designer
Giana Calvello, Senior Marketing Manager