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For Grown-Ups

Welcome to our design letter

Oh no!

Someone must have left a window open! Two monsters snuck into the kitchen!! What a mess they’ve made… Well, at least they seem friendly enough. They look hungry too! Try feeding them and see what they like!

Toca Kitchen Monsters is a somewhat simpler version of Toca Kitchen. The original game contains four other characters and more types of food. The inspiration for the Kitchen series is the typical pretend play of cooking and eating that kids love to set up. We wanted the digital take on this kind of playing to be as free as possible in order for it to allow lots of exploration. This is why cooking is not in sequential steps; rather your child may process the food in any order and as many times as he or she likes.

Have a monstrous time!

– Jens Peter de Pedro, Play Designer

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What To Talk About

The monsters have different preferences. For instance, the brown monster won’t eat tomatoes and the blue monster refuses to have broccoli. At some point you may get a chance to talk to your child about her own eating preferences. One monster eats raw meat while the other one prefers it cooked. Why is that? What things can you eat raw and what things do you have to prepare?

Good To Know

Go into “Settings” on your Apple device and look for the Toca Kitchen icon. Here you will be able to switch on or off:

– Sounds – no sounds will be played in the game
– News – the button in the menu screen that shows our other available apps will not be displayed.
– Vegetarian food only – switch on to have the app without sausage and meat.