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Design Notes

Letter from the play designer

We are super excited to introduce Toca Hair Salon 4! Seeing the creativity from players all around the world was so inspirational for us – they surprised us with looks and styles we’d never imagined ourselves! We can’t wait to see what players create using Toca Hair Salon 4’s new features and tools.

Toca Hair Salon has always been about cutting and styling hair. We’re excited to show off all the new features that make those stations even more engaging and detailed, but we didn’t stop there! We’ve also introduced makeup and face paint, so kids can explore in even more creative and different ways!

You may have noticed a new shop where players can personalize their own salons by purchasing new tools (like the facepaint and makeup!), clothes, accessories, characters and much more. We’ll be updating the shop periodically, but it will never interfere with in-app play. If you’re curious about what’s available there, you can check it out separately.

The salon is now open!

– Henrik Alfredsson
Play Designer

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The Team


Nick Ljungqvist, Head of DevOps
Andreas Bergman, Android Developer
Niclas Ericsson, Full Stack Developer
Jannis Sioustis, Backend Programmer Contractor
Jonas Persson, 3D Artist Contractor
Giana Cavello,  Senior Marketing Manager
Molly Battles, Senior Public Relations Manager
Paul Grizzell, Marketing Art Director
Amanda Jakobsson, Marketing Graphic Designer 
Viktor Khan, Marketing Motion Designer
Red Pipe AB, Audio & Music
Amber Levinson, Research Manager

Special Thanks
Andreas Polyviou
Félix Roman
Mariana Leone Pacheco
Victor Guerrero Corbi