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Mårten Brüggeman

Play Designer

We just couldn’t help ourselves! We’ve heard from children and parents all over the world how much fun they’ve had with our first Hair Salon, and to tell the truth, so have we. So we just had to make a sequel! In Toca Hair Salon 2 we’ve set out to take everything we loved about the first Hair Salon and make it even better. The hair is even more lifelike and fluid, the tools are more precise and the characters even more responsive. We’ve also added some completely new, much requested tools like the Hair Curler, the Straightener and the Styling Iron, to give you even more variety when sculpting hair styles. The stage is set for all those little hair artists out there to really express their creativity with Toca Hair Salon 2!

Happy cutting!

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How to play


Select the tool you want to use from the table in the bottom of the screen. You can swipe the table sideways to move to another section of the salon, where there is another set of tools to choose from. Most of the tools can be used either by tapping for precision, or swiping to affect more hair at the same time.

  • The spray colors can now dye each strand of hair in multiple colors and with beautiful gradient effects. Try growing the hair out for best results.

  • Go bald! The razor lets you shave down to the last stubble. Don’t forget that you can apply G.R.O.W. lotion to grow hair back out again.

  • The accessories can now be both rotated and resized by using two-finger pinch gestures on the screen.

  • Change the backdrop of the photo booth and snap a photo with the camera. The image will be saved in your device’s camera roll.

To talk about

Toca Hair Salon 2 is a digital toy that is very open-ended in its nature. There are many tools to play around with and effects with which to experiment. At a certain point however, it might be fun and rewarding to start working towards a goal as well. For inspiration and encouragement, you could draw on things from real life to try and mimic – perhaps recreating your friend’s haircut? Or think of a special occasion to style the characters for, like going to a party or going to work for example.

The new accessories make it possible to take your hair fantasies even further. The small geometric shapes can even be used to make small faces in the hair. See the hair as your sculpting material to take your creations beyond haircuts!


In the Settings panel on your Apple device, there is an icon for Toca Hair Salon 2. If you open it, you can toggle snapshots to “off” and no photos will be saved in your camera roll. There are also options for the “Toca News” and “For Grown Ups” buttons on the start screen. Toggling these to “off” will remove the buttons.