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Playing Toca Doctor with your child is a fun way to start thinking about how the body works!

Toca Doctor consists of 18 mini-games. We have made some of them hands on – like pulling splinters from the patients fingers or putting band-aids on a sore. Other games are more philosophical – what really happens in our brains when we think and who are those little creatures jumping around on our teeth?

When you press the little doctor he examines the patient and finds a number of problems. Press one to help the doctor cure that ailment. You can press the doctor again whenever you want to get new ones to choose from. Every game or puzzle has an easy and fun solution that your child will soon figure out. Sometimes it may involve touching, other times dragging or tilting. There are no timers or stress elements so that your kid can play at his or her own pace.

Playing Toca Doctor creates opportunities to talk about different body functions such as the digesting system that creates burps and farts, or our circulatory system that actually contains both red and white blood cells with different purposes. Watch your kid put on band-aids on the patients scrapes and remember times when he or she got hurt. Why did it happen and how did it feel? Did you visit the doctor then?

Some of the games suit well before and after a visit to the doctor
– straighten the broken leg and put it in plaster
– clean the sore and put on a bandaid
– the doctor´s bag puzzle (bonus game which appears when all others are solved)

And being combed for lice will surely be more fun if you´re allowed squashing them in Toca Doctor at the same time!

But most important – Toca Doctor shows your kid that the human body is a mysterious and exciting thing to learn more about.

Have fun!

– Chris Lindgren, Play Designer

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