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Mårten Brüggemann

Play Designer

Creative play isn’t only about creating something beautiful, it’s also about how you get there. When you create something, its parts get new meaning: This blanket becomes the ceiling of my playhouse, that chair becomes a stepping stone in the lava pit that has erupted on the floor. When making things and making things up, you’re also setting up an ever-changing rule set for yourself to create and play within. With Toca Blocks we give you a material that enables this aspect of creative play. The blocks are a living, evolving material. Shape it, control it, morph it — it’s in your hands.

The Blocks: The foundation in this world of creation

The blocks, a simple and tactile building material, allow you to create purpose for the inhabitants of the Toca Blocks world. Some blocks are bouncy, some are sticky, all are unique. If you scratch the surface, you’ll find that there’s more to the blocks than meets the eye. Place one on top of another, and the magic begins. Create blocks with new traits and discover objects like balloons, fireworks and ladders.

The Inhabitants: Each one is unique

The inhabitants you’ll meet in the Toca Blocks world have different ways of interacting with the blocks. They’ll help you explore this world, as they are part of it and the creations you make for them. We hope that you, too, will feel at home in the Toca Blocks world.

Stay creative!

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How to play

Explore and create

Just trying out new combinations of blocks will lead you to new discoveries, but remember that all new objects have specific block combination recipes. It can be fun to challenge yourself into learning how different blocks and objects are created! What can different blocks be used for, and how do the characters interact with them? Do you build a house for them? An obstacle course, maybe? Or do you take to the skies and explore space?

Toca Blocks is as much about exploring as it is about creating. The two go hand in hand: The more you discover about the world and the blocks you merge, the more inspiration for your creations you will find!


In Toca Blocks you build with blocks to create worlds in which the characters you meet can live and play. There are many ways to interact with Toca Blocks. Here are just a few:

  • You can drag out blocks from the toolbar in the bottom right of the screen. Blocks that are already placed in the world can also be dragged around and repositioned.

  • In the bottom left you’ll find the pencil and the eraser. These tools are used for more effective placing and deleting of blocks. Just drag them out of the toolbar.

  • Pro tip: When using the pencil you can color pick from any of your placed blocks. Just hold your finger down a couple of seconds on any block and the pencil will change its color.

  • You scroll around in the world either by swiping the scroll ball in the bottom of the screen or by grabbing the sky of the world and dragging it around.

  • In the bottom right corner you’ll find an inventory where all the blocks you’ve discovered will appear. Drag one block on top of another, and the two can merge into a completely new block with its own unique properties. Some merges even result in the creation of new objects: a diamond, fireworks, a fish and other surprises. The blocks have different properties, some more physical than others. You will find more advanced properties the more you explore the merging system.

  • The best way to explore the properties of the blocks is to take control of one of the characters in the world. The characters have different abilities; for example, one is a good climber and another almost knows how to fly. You control the characters either by dragging them around or by tapping them and using the on-screen controls.

The worlds you create are always saved as you exit them. You can save as many worlds as you like!

Share your creations

Once you’ve created something you’re satisfied with you can snap a photo of it and save it for later or even share it with someone else. Tap the camera button in the upper left corner to go into photo mode and then tap it again to take the photo. The photo you receive contains a Blocks Code, which is a magic code that makes it possible to import a photo back into your world again!

Use this functionality to create duplicates of your creations. You could even share it with someone else via email, text message or your social network of choice! The photos you import need to contain the Blocks Code to work. If the code is cut off or altered in any other way the import will most likely fail. When you’re in camera mode, tap the photo roll button to select a photo to import. If the selected photo contains a Blocks Code you will then be able to place it in the world by pressing the verify button. When you’re in camera mode, tap the photo roll button to select a photo to import. If the selected photo contains a Blocks Code you will then be able to place it in the world by pressing the verify button.

Club Blocks

Club Blocks is a feature in Toca Blocks where you can get insider tips and cool additions for your creations. Tap the button located on the top right corner of the title screen to enter Club Blocks. Tap videos to watch them. Select photos to download and import into your worlds. Some photos in Club Blocks might even contain exclusive content that you can add to your world! Finally, you’ll even find worlds to download and try out.

Club Blocks is only available when your device is connected to the internet.


In the settings panel of your Apple device, you’ll see an icon for Toca Blocks. Here you have the option to turn off the icons on the start screen for Toca News and the For Grown-Ups section, which you are reading now. You also have the option to turn off the music in the app, as well as toggling snapshots to “off” to prevent photos from being saved to your camera roll. You may need to restart the app for some of the settings to take effect.