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For Grown-Ups

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No matter whose birthday it is, there’s always a reason to celebrate together in Toca Birthday Party!

This is a game for one to four kids, plus grown-ups. (It actually works fine with dolls and teddy bears as guests too as long as you help them eat.) It’s best suited to children who are at least three years old, or have reached an age when they’re ready to engage in social role-playing. And younger siblings can enjoy it, too, if the party host is patient and willing to guide them.

Domestic role-play is an important part of young children’s everyday lives. They imitate adults around them to explore and learn to understand different situations and tasks. The procedure of a birthday party is the kind of real-life situation that children love to act out over and over again.

The party host begins by choosing a cake, which determines the game’s theme. There’s a fire-breathing dragon, a sweet panda, and a traditionally shaped rainbow cake. When the cake is chosen, matching plates then appear. Set the table with the plates and choose a gift. When the table is set and the candles are lit, it’s time to invite the guests.

The birthday boy or girl (or teddy bear) blows out the candles by touching them. Fill the glasses with juice and help yourself to cake. Party poppers can be found around your plates. Pop them and watch colorful confetti spread all over the table.

Don´t forget to open the gift before the meal is over! Touch the randomly selected toy inside to play with it.

When hosting or visiting a birthday party your child will practice a number of social skills. Good manners are needed to create a nice atmosphere at the party. Phrases like “Would you like some more juice?” are essential, as well as “Can I have another piece of cake, please?”. The guests eat and drink by tapping the plates and glasses with their fingers.

Taking turns is another skill that´s practiced while playing. “Can you please pass the juice?” was often heard during our user testing sessions. You as a parent can help introducing useful phrases and polite conversation topics to expand the game.

The party ends when all of the cake is eaten. Then it´s time to do the dishes. Everyone can contribute by dragging his or her plate and glass to the sink. Or just tilt the screen to let everything slide into the suds.

If your child shouts “Again!” just tap on the yellow arrow to start over.

Have fun!

– The Editors

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