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For Grown-Ups

Welcome to our design letter


You knew we just had to do something music-related … and here it is! In true Toca Boca fashion, we’re giving you plenty to explore and get creative with. And this time, we also want you to dance! The result is… drumroll… Toca Band! They’re putting on a concert in the park tonight and they need your help!

Keep on rockin’ it!

– Jens Peter de Pedro, Play Designer a.k.a Stikk Figga

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What to talk about

Although Toca Band only have one song on their repertoire, there are many, many ways of playing it.

  • Try experimenting with the concept of tempo: Can you make a downtempo song or a fast one? Can you make a song that will make you want to go to sleep, and one that will make you want to show off your moves?
  • Try different kinds of instruments: What does it sound like when you only use rhythm instruments, melody or vocals? Which instruments do you think sound good together – and why?
  • Place a character on the star to let it perform in solo mode – and improvise! Can you play the main melody? Can you play something else that sounds good, or even better? Make something up! The ballerina Dancy Nancy is a good character to start improvising with.

Good to know

  • The characters play more upbeat as you move them up toward the back of the stage.
  • The reason the tune always sounds good no matter how you play in solo mode is because we took away the notes that don’t harmonise with the key of C major, which is the key the Toca Band Song was written in. That’s also why you can’t play any melody you want, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • Try using multitouch on Wao Miao (the cat) in solo mode! It’s my favorite.

Go into “Settings” on your Apple device and look for the Toca Band icon. If you toggle the Toca News feature to “off”, the button on the Toca Band start screen showing our other available apps won’t be displayed. In the same way, you can also hide the For Grown-Ups link.