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Welcome to our design letter

We built this app for your child to be able to experiment with the concept of symmetry. Understanding symmetry is an important part of an art education. It is essential in the depiction of living things. It is also a necessary concept in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and many other sciences. This app was built for your child to explore the idea of symmetry through the creation of his or her own tactile and visual experiences.

We wanted to give children a chance to play with colors and shapes without having to feel like her or she had to draw something figurative. Often, and this is true especially for younger children, the drawings they make are mostly results of their experiments with colors and shapes. Later they might assign meaning to the drawing if they see a resemblance to a real world shape in their creation – or if prompted by an adult. But there is great value in non-figurative drawing in and of itself. It is an important part of training your eye and gaining confidence in one’s artistic abilities. Because the drawing in this app takes place within a figurative frame (the butterfly wings), the painting that your child does will naturally be exploratory and non-figurative.

In order to encourage the use of many different colors we made the interface for switching colors as fun as possible. One color by itself is seldom interesting. It is when you juxtapose it to one or more other colors that something starts to happen. In order to facilitate exploration we made the color selection happen through the squashing of berries. By making the interaction of color switching fun, the interface encourages the usage of many colors.

Try making different patterns by using first the big brush to create a solid color and a smaller brush to make shapes on it. A neat effect can be achieved by creating a shape with a pattern on it and making it overlap with another shape with a different pattern.

What other things are symmetrical. Faces? Bodies? Animals? Trees? Flowers? Cars? What objects that you can find around you are symmetrical? What brushes does your child like? Why? What colors does your child like, or dislike? What other colors go with that color?

– Jens Peter de Pedro, Play Designer

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