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April’s Animals

Pugs Kissing

Music is royalty free from (yuppy-dog-60s)

Two Tiny Hamsters in a Tiny Playground

Digital Juice

Hamster Agility Course

Music (The-one-without-oboe-and-violin and Sports-Village) are royalty free from

Tiny Hamster Treasure Hunt

Music is royalty free from StakTraxx (Da Reggae Mon.Wav)

Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Mansion

Music is all royalty free from

A Cute Hamsters Easter

Music is royalty free from Digital Juice (Light_Adventure)

12 Days of Christmas videos

Music is all royalty free from (We Wish You A Merry Christmas)

Petting Chipmunks

Cute Hamster Using Herself as a Table

Donald Drake Machines

All videos (listed below) use music by Natalia Lincoln (sound designer he collaborates with)

The Wave Hello Machine

Cascade Rube Goldberg Machine

The Halloween Machine

Awesome Rube Golberg Machine

Cute Kitten Rube Goldberg Machine

Circular Logic Rube Goldberg Machine

The Dog Walker

Freestyle Rube Goldberg

Random Number Rude Goldberg Machine

Aleana Sanders

All videos (listed below) use &

LPS Beanboozled Challenge all videos use &

LPS Emoji Tag (Midge)

LPS Hot Dog

LPS – New Actors Part One

LPS- New Actors Part Two

LPS – Hey

LPS – Mad Libs

Creative Rachy

All videos use YouTube free music library (doesn’t attribute song/artist)

Polymer Clay Bottle Charm Tutorial and Cookie Jar Kitty

Kevin MacLoeod – impotech

Rainbow Lollipop Kitty

Rainbow Tinkle’s World

All videos use “Stringed Disco” Kevin MacLeod ( and “Funkorama” Kevin MacLeod (

DIY Miniature Doll Lunchables School Snacks

DIY Miniature Doll Bagels

DIY Miniature Doll Coffee Cups

DIY Miniature Play-Doh For Dolls


World’s Biggest Swing Jump

Deadly Sins’ – The Hollywood Pro Sound Library


Incredible Domino Screenlink!

ParagonX9 (free from YouTube)

Domino Rally 12

RuBiXCuBiX – Nice Things (free from YouTube)

Domino Rally 10

Rainwave: Dream of Eternity (free from YouTube)

The Mastboys3 Team

When Life Gives You Lemons Minecraft Animation

Kevin MacLoeod – impotech

Lego Crashes!

Kevin MacLeod –


All videos music courtesy of

Home Science

Replaced music for all but ‘World’s Simplest Electric Train’

Free Production Music by Jason Shaw.  Music name: Essence


Art with Salt – Cat

“Olde Timey” from Kevin Macleod –

Nails By Erin

Aztec Nail Art

“Blue Skies” from the YouTube download music

Blue and Silver Glitter X Nails

“Home” from the YouTube download music

Glitter Snowflake Nails

“Italian Afternoon” by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Wave Gradient Nails

“Blue Skies” from the YouTube download music

Floral Water Marble Nails

“Weekend in the City” from the YouTube download music

Leaf Design Nail Art

“Payday” from the YouTube download music

Leopard Print Nail Art

“Awakening” from the YouTube download music

Water Marble Nail Art

“Everyday” from the YouTube download music

Donut Nail Art

“Blue Skies” from the YouTube download music

Easter Nail Art

“Accidents Will Happen” from the YouTube download music

Leopard Gecko

Project Butterfly – Releasing

Clear Air – Somewhere Sunny by Kevin MacLeod and Brightly Fancy – Oddities by Kevin MacLeod –

Butterly Project – Hatching

Carefree by Kevin MacLeod

Project Butterfly – Chrysalis

Chee Zee Beach – Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod  and Sprach Zarathustra – Classical Rousing by Kevin MacLeod”

The Domino King

Kinetic Chaos

Music by SmK (copyright-free music creator)


How To Make a Totoro Perler

“Cute” from Bensound –

Intro to Scrapbooking (Tips and Ideas)

“Ukelele” from Bensound

How To Make Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Youtube Audio Library: Track: Someone Your Own Size

Rainbow Unicorn Bark Dessert


Perler Bead Donut

Youtube Audio Library -Water Lily by The 126ers

Perler Bead Tutorial Sushi

Youtube Audio Library – Track: The Only Girl

Felt Corner Bookmarks

Youtube Audio Library: Track: Water Lily by The 126ers”

Polymer Clay Sock Monkey Tutorial

YouTube Audio Library – Track: A Long Cold

Galaxy Glow Jars

Youtube Audio Library – Crimson Fly by Huma-Huma

DIY Fall Soap Bars and Leaves

“Little Idea” from Bensound

Perler Bead Tutorial Marios One Up


Perler Bead Tutorial Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls – Track: Sunrise Over The City

Pacman Pillow


Sharpie Galaxy Sneakers

YouTube Audio Library – Track: Malmo Sunrise By: The 126ers

Erica Equestrian

DIY Peppermint Horse Treats

Ross Budgen –


Music for all videos composed by Charles Harrison –

Tim and Ralph – Locked Out

Tim and Ralph – Mouse Trap

Lego Treasure Hunt

Tim and Ralph – Dog House

Tim and Ralph – Break Down

Tim and Ralph – The Watch

Tim and Ralph – The Rematch

Tim and Ralph – Pie Time


Super Mario Cat

Dj Arti-Fix

Jakub Brokl

Jump From Space – Minecraft

A Day In The Sun by Per Kiilstofte – MachinimaSound

Traveling with the Iron Golem – PARIS

Traveling With Iron Golem – China

Punishable Animations

Fishing Problems Minecraft Animation

Tha Silent Partner – free music archive


Art With Salt –   Eye Drawing

Beats Royalty Free

Dory Salt Art

Jewel Beat

Batman Salt Art

Michael Nielsen –

Darth Vader Salt Art

“Plans in Motion” by Kevin Macleod – Incompetech

Jurassic Park Salt Art

Your Time Has Come” from Jewel Beat

Minecraft Steve Salt Art

Jewel Beat

Minion Salt Art

“Up Style” from Jewel Beat

Pizza Salt Art

Jewel Beat

Parrot Salt Art

“Far Away Forest” from Jewel Beat

Spider-Man Salt Art

Jewel Beat

The Lion King Salt Art

“Far Away Forest” from Jewel Beat

Art With Salt – Angry Birds

“Cipher” by Kevin Macleod – Incompetech

Art With Salt – Fruits & Vegetables Alphabet

Jewel Beat

Art With Salt – Hot Dog

DL Sounds –