Create Your Own Decorative Light

By Kinax

Category: Creative and Maker Play

Target age: 3 and up

Skill level: N/A

Materials: Stuff you can get quickly from the store or delivery

Prep time: More than one hour

What You’ll Need

  • paper clay
  • thick paper
  • stick to open holes
  • flameless LED tea lights
  • paint


The Activity

  • Make a cone (or triangular hat) with thick paper

  • Paste the paper clay onto the cone

  • Make holes in the clay

    You can make random holes or with regularity. Be as creative as you like! It’s OK if you don’t poke through the thick paper.


  • Pull out the thick paper

  • Dry it overnight in the shade

  • After it dries out, you can paint it over in your favorite colors

  • Turn on the candle inside and your light is done!


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About the Author


Kinax is mom to a 5-year-old and a newborn and lives in Japan. Get inspired by her creativity on Instagram.