Beach Play

By Camila Perlingeiro, Blogger, Mundo Ovo

mundo_ovo_logoIn Brazil, the longest school break happen from December to January, when the summer arrives in our hemisphere. During these two months with long and hot days, Brazilian families leave their homes heading to beaches all over the extended coast (more than 4,300 miles!) to have fun by the sea.

Living in Rio de Janeiro, we must confess that going to the beach is something that we do all year long, almost on a weekly basis. That’s why we have a certain expertise on the subject and put together a list with our children’s favorite activities and games. Whether you live near a beach that’s warm now, are vacationing on one, or planning a summer adventure for the future, your kids will enjoy these fun beach games.

Categories: Active Play

Target age: 0 and up

Skill level: N/A

Materials: None required

Prep time: None: Be spontaneous!

What You’ll Need

Any toy you want to play with in the sand, such as:

  • little buckets
  • watering can
  • shovels
  • sieves

The Activity

  • Run from the waves

One of our kids’ first games mixes excitement with a little bit of fear. Children get fascinated by the ocean and a little scared at the same time, and running from the waves at first is almost a reflex. Afterwards, it really turns into a game — going the farthest without getting wet and then running back to the sand without letting the wave get you.


  • Jumping the waves

Once fear is under control, it’s time to jump the waves at shore: So much fun!


  • Beach kit

Every kid in Rio de Janeiro has a kit of toys to take to the beach. As soon as the pediatrician says it’s OK to swim in sea water, moms take little plastic pools for the kids to play under the sunshade. Little buckets, shovels and sieves help kids build sand castles, cakes and everything else their imagination allows. One of the most common ways of playing is to dig holes and then make roads, allowing the sea water to come and fill them.


  • Rolling around in the sand

Kids love this activity, but parents no so much. It consists in getting wet and then rolling around until they get completely covered in sand!


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About the Author

Camila Perlingeiro, Blogger, Mundo Ovo

Camilia is a blogger for Mundo Ovo and mother to a 5-year-old daughter. Based in Brazil, Mundo Ovo offers an honest, modern look at the adventure of being a mother.