Toca Boca

Introducing: Toca Builders

20 Jun 2013 by Björn Jeffery

We've kept you waiting for a while, but today we are proud to introduce our latest digital toy: Toca Builders. It draws inspiration from Lego and Etch A Sketch to create a toy that is open-ended, suggestive and playful. The result is two fold – both a tool for facilitating construction play, but also an area for free play and imagination. Making up stories of your own, or building upon the pre-constructed themes that occur in the app. The six characters help guide the different interactions that are possible in an elegant and friendly way too – easy to use, and fun at the same time.

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Toca Builders is out today and has a launch price of $0.99. Take a look and see what you and your kids can make together.

This toy was made by the following team:

Art Director: Emil Berner

Play Smith: Erik Olsson

Project Manager: Molly Ränge

Play Designer: Mårten Brüggemann

Producer: Emil Ovemar