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Why Parents Stink at Playing With Their Kids

9 Jul 2014 by Megan

Hey Parents! Guess what? You stink at playing with your kids. It’s a harsh reality and we’re sorry to have to be so blunt, but it’s becoming an epidemic. The good news is that we have a fix and it’s a pretty simple solution. Our good friend JP, with help from his daughter, recently wrote a blog post for The Joan Ganz Cooney Center to better explain why parents need to be better when it comes to play.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.16.11 AM

Happy 4th of July!

4 Jul 2014 by Zemika

What a day! The weather is fine and Bo is already behind the barbecue prepping for the party. Doesn’t he look neat in that apron with the badges on? Perfect for a special occasion like this. Happy 4th of July!

€th of July BBQ Toca Town Bo

Summer Super Sale

3 Jul 2014 by Megan

We’re having a SUMMER SALE on 16 of our apps! Now is the time to complete your Toca Boca collection. But hurry, they are only on sale for a limited time and we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun. Get Toca Pet Doctor, Toca Hair Salon Me, Toca Train and many more for 66% off the regular price!










Digital Toys for Kids

20 Jun 2014 by Megan

Our very first Play Designer, Jens Peter de Padro, who we all call JP for short, recently tried his hand at being a public speaker! We’re so proud of him, for not only all the great work that he does for Toca Boca (have you played Toca Hair Salon? Maybe Toca Kitchen? Yep, that’s JP!) but for having the guts to step on that huge stage! Below JP discusses play and making digital toys that are fun for all kids to enjoy. Take a look and help us in giving Jens a Toca High Five for all of his great work. Way to go, JP!

Make your own Midsummer wreath!

20 Jun 2014 by Zemika

Today is no ordinary day. We know it’s Friday but it’s also Swedish Midsummer, so we took Bo out to show him what it’s all about!

The most essential thing in order to have a great Midsummer is the wreath. You wear it when dancing around the Midsummer pole, when eating herring and potatoes, when dancing again, when eating again and even if you’re planning on going for a quick swim in the sea. It should be glued to your head all day, and for that to work you need it to be stable but leafy. Follow those 6 easy steps and become a pro in no time! It’s really fun, we promise!

Toca Boca Midsummer Wreath Bo 1

First of all, pick your favorite flowers! If you can’t find them outside, the shop next door works just as well. However, if you’re stubborn and want to be true to tradition you should definitely head to the closest park and pick them yourself.

Toca Boca Midsummer Wreath Bo 2

Essentials before kickstarting the making of the wreath: a pair of scissors, string or thread, a bunch of greenery, and of course the flowers!

Toca Boca Midsummer Wreath Bo 3

Now then? The secret technique to a everlasting wreath! Place the leaves and greenery next to each other and begin to form a garland. Use the string to loop around the leaves to make them stay together.

Toca Boca Midsummer Wreath Bo 4

Continue to loop, and loop, and loop around the greenery until it’s long enough to measure around your head. Form a circle and tie it all together. The wreath is now done! Almost…

Toca Boca Midsummer Wreath Bo 5

Fasten the flowers by looping the string around the wreath a second time. Place the flowers where you want them, preferably on the top side of the wreath. No specific reason other than it’ll look fantastic!

Toca Boca Midsummer Wreath Bo 6

Wow, you did it! What does your look like? We’re literally dying to see it. This is the one we made for Bo. Doesn’t it look like he’s ready for a real Midsummer celebration? Oh, we think so!

Psst! Why don’t you share your flower wreaths on Instagram and Twitter with @tocaboca!

Free Shipping – Just in time for summer!

19 Jun 2014 by Zemika

The sun if finally our and to show our summer lovin’ we’re giving you FREE worldwide shipping on all orders in our webshop, until July 15th! Treat yourself or your little one to the perfect gift. Happy shopping!

Toca Boca free shipping webshop

The Toca Boca summer party!

18 Jun 2014 by Zemika

When winter is gone and summer is here, all we want to do is spend time outside and have fun! And what is more fun than a summer boat party? Nothing we can think of at least! Tag along and join us in a pile of feel good pictures from out Toca Boca summer party last week when we showed off our true colors, on a boat somewhere in Stockholm. Don’t we look happy? Oh, we are!

Toca Boca Summer Party pic 1
Toca Boca Summer Party pic 2
Toca Boca Summer Party pic 3
Toca Boca Summer Party pic 4

Things to do in Toca Town

17 Jun 2014 by Megan

The world of Toca Town is filled with tons of activities to discover from making silly sounds to enjoying tasty treats. With different locations to explore we’re still finding new ways to play and we hope you are too! Check out some of the exciting things you can do and let us know how you play when in Toca Town!

Drop a beat! Listen to some cool jams and get ready to dance!

Wrap presents in the store to share with friends. Wrap a party hat, a box of cereal or even a taco!

No change needed for this market staple! Just tap for a fun surprise.

You can write the code for the latest Toca Boca app! Head on over to the apartment and start typing.

In Toca Town if you can carry it, you can bring it anywhere. Pillow fight in the park? Why not!?

In Toca Town we invite you to play, explore and create. No two worlds will ever be the same and that’s how we like it!





Let’s Get Cooking in Toca Town!

3 Jun 2014 by Megan

You can be the chef in Toca Town! Simply combine delicious food items together to create a tasty meal in seconds. Share with friends in the restaurant, or pack it up in a grocery store bag and bring it to the park for a picnic. You decide! Can you make all 10 recipes?



Introducing – Toca Town!

30 May 2014 by Megan

You rule in Toca Town, a play world where anything and everyone is welcome! With six different locations and 22 classic Toca Boca characters, the everyday adventures in Toca Town are infinite. Get it on the App Store today!


Move around in Toca Town! Visit the store to buy groceries, stop by the restaurant to cook lunch, and head home to watch movies with friends. Run over to the park for a picnic or the police station to meet the officers. Cereal for dinner or maybe a quick pillow fight before bed? In Toca Town you decide!


Play cops and robbers today and hide and seek tomorrow, the story is up to you. Use your imagination to create your own world and play together with friends and family.


There are treasures everywhere in Toca Town. Turn on and off lights, toss garbage in the bins, or wrap up a present in the store to give to friends. Remember there are no rules in Toca Town so don’t be afraid to interact with anything, even the toilet!


- 22 Toca Boca characters to play with. Do you recognize any of them?
- 6 locations to explore – park, police station, restaurant, house & apartment
- Open game play with no rules or stress
- Kid-friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Restaurant - Toca Town

Toca Town is made for kids as young as three years old, yet can capture the imagination of those much older. It’s filled with surprises and exciting things to do – there are no limits, just fun! Come play!

Cheers to the Toca Town team!

Mårten Brüggemann, Play Designer
Amanda Rösler, Programmer
Mathilda Engman, Artist
Eric Alm, Programmer
Lena Fernqvist, Programmer
Marko Permanto, Programmer
Christoffer Svenningsson, 3D Artist
Fredrik Telenius, Project Manager
Olle Axelsson, QA

Kids Rule In Toca Town!

24 May 2014 by Megan

Bo is traveling around town and helping kids remind us all to have more fun. Check out the videos below and get excited for our upcoming digital toy, Toca Town! Coming soon!

Do You Know Bo?

23 May 2014 by Megan

Remember Bo from Toca House? He’s packing his suitcase and getting ready for his next adventure. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram, @TocaBoca, and on Facebook to see what Bo and the rest of the Toca Boca gang are up to next!

Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May 2014 by Megan

We at Toca Boca love our mama’s (and grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and all those who have been just like mother’s to us) and have been lucky to get some great mom advice over the years. We want to say THANK YOU to all those moms out there who have given us so much. We love you! And even if it didn’t seem like we were listening, we were and we thank you for passing along your wisdom.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 4.42.14 PM

“Always have the ingredients for Snickerdoodles on hand. You never know when you’ll need to make a batch of cookies” – Megan’s mom

yanto“If you don’t like dads microwaved pizza then maybe you should try cooking yourself.” – Yanto’s mom

Björn i köket

“Always be nice.” – Bjorn’s mom

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 4.41.01 PM

“If you love it, you need to get it, otherwise you’re always going to think back with regret.” – Caroline’s mom

photo (6)

“Live in the moment, grab opportunities and most importantly, always have fun.” – Kalle’s mom

Toca Hair Salon Me: A photo tutorial

1 May 2014 by Zemika

Have you been struggling to get your photo just right in Toca Hair Salon Me? Good news! We’ve made a step by step tutorial, with GIFs, on how to achieve that perfect Hair Salon Me selfie. Follow these 3 easy steps and become a pro!


1. Choose a picture from your camera roll or snap a quick photo. The best picture to use should be taken straight on, in daylight (remove glasses and push bangs out of the way). Make sure to move around the face and zoom in or zoom out if necessary until the face is centered in the frame. Your eyes should be in line with the ears.


2. Now it’s time to choose the head shape. Click through the four options until you get that perfect fit! Tap the green arrow to move to the next step.


3.  Choose the right mouth and move it as necessary so that the white line(s) fit your smile. Next tap each eye to center the white dot over your pupil. Tap the green check mark and voilà! You’re now ready to hop in the salon chair!

Toca Breakfast: A fan production

30 Apr 2014 by Zemika


Thank you @simonlindgren for sharing this wonderful app idea made by Sixten, 6 and Hjalmar, 9. We love getting concepts, drawings and photos sent to us. Please continue!

Now, are you ready to get thrown into the pitch of Toca Breakfast? Here we go!

Even the Toca Boca intro has been planned. Watch it being put on top of a breakfast sandwich. Genius.

How to play then? Follow us!
Click the green button to start the app. The house in the picture, above, is a sandwich shop and on top is a sandwich sign.

This is the table where you get to choose bowl, plate or sandwich.

What did you choose? The bowl? Then then this is where you get to pick the pattern!

Choose between:
Red bowl with yellow crowns
Ceramics bowl
A regular blue and red bowl
Bowl with fire-breathing dragon and Chinese characters
Ladybird bowl

Now you need cereals for your bowl! Pick the one you prefer. (There’s also milk that can be added. How brilliant!)

If you don’t fancy a bowl there are also plate, as mentioned earlier.

These are your plate pattern options:
Flower plate
Purple Plate
Green Plate with face
Rainbow plate
Dragon plate

Now, go ahead and pick the breakfast food for your plate. Fried egg, pancake or pieces of sausage. Up to you!

If you don’t fancy a bowl nor a plate the sandwich option is for you.

Here you have 3 different choices of sandwiches:
Bun with seeds
Swedish tunnbröd

Choose what to have on your sandwich. Would you like Kaviar, ham or cheese?

Add jam or salad to your sandwich! If you don’t want any of it, simply press the X and you’ll move on.

It’s time to choose your character. Who would you like to feed? Boy, owl, girl or dog? Go ahead and pick your favorite!

The character in this screenshot is the character you’ve chosen and the square underneath is the food you’ve put together. To the right you have four options of how to prepare the food: a knife and spoon to cut or stir the food, toaster, microwave to heat up the pancake and a glass to drink from. All great things to have!

If you pick the knife (or spoon) it’ll be placed next to the food and you can use it to stir, or cut the sandwich.

Here’s the toaster. Pull down the toaster handle and watch the bread get toasty. Can you smell it already?

A close up on the microwave. Tap the grey button and it goes on, after 10 seconds it beeps and you can take the food out. Tap the food to go back to your character.

Oh, not to forget – time to choose what to drink! Orange juice, cranberry juice, milk or plain tap water.

This is your character eating. Drag the food to its mouth. Yum yum!

Watch the satisfied character munching the yum breakfast you cooked it. Want to do it all over again?
Tap green to start over
Tap blue to go back to the start screen