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Toca Hair Salon – FREE until Oct 25!

19 Oct 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Don’t miss your chance to get one of our top apps!

Toca Hair Salon, one of our top-selling digital toys, is a great way to let your kids run their very own hair salon! In this easy-to-use, creative app, you get to cut, color and style six different customers, using your fingers – and, of course, your imagination. Right now we’re giving away Toca Hair Salon for FREE, so if you haven’t got it yet, here’s your chance! Don’t wait too long, though – the offer is valid October 18-25, 2012.

Download Toca Hair Salon here!

Coming soon: Toca Tailor!

15 Oct 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Hey everyone – get ready for a great dress up party! With our upcoming release Toca Tailor, you get the chance to try your hand at designing your own clothes for four different characters, and then styling them with a load of fun accessories. Check out the game play trailer here!

Toca Tailor will be available on App Store on October 25th.

Toca Band goodies!

1 Oct 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Enjoying Toca Band? For those of you who just can’t get enough of Stikk Figga and the rest of the bunch, we’ve put together some fun stuff – shall we call it bonus material? – to print out and get busy with:

Collectors’ cards
Cut them out and carry the band around in your pocket! Play tip: print out two copies and you have your own Toca Boca memory game!
Download here: Collectors cards printout (pdf)

Colouring pages
Does Wao Miao look better in green? Or stripes? Time to get out those crayons and find out!
Download here: Colouring pages (pdf)

Toca Band poster
Every great band has to have a cool poster – and Toca Band is no exception!
Download here: Poster (click to open, then right-click to save image to your computer)

Toca Band characters
Here they are – all 16 of them!
Download here: Characters (click to open, then right-click to save image to your computer)

Introducing: Toca Band

20 Sep 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Toca Band is now rocking App Store! In this musical app, our lovable rapper Stikk Figga and the rest of the 16-man band can be placed on differents areas of the stage in order to create endless combinations of rhythms, beats and tunes.

You can also play each character in solo mode. Downtempo or upbeat, rock or opera – it’s all up to you how you want Toca Band’s hit song to sound! Get it today at App Store – just $1.99.

Want to see more? Check out the game play trailer here.

Like the song? Get it (and the cool remix!) on iTunes and Spotify.

Play Designer: Jens Peter de Pedro
Art Director: Arvid Tappert & Emil Berner
Playsmiths: Jack Nutting, Erik Olsson & Andrey Zhukov
Producer: Emil Ovemar
Music: Håkan Lidbo
Animation: Martin Nyberg & Johan Sonestedt

Toca Band – for iOS 5 and up (how to upgrade)

13 Sep 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Toca Band requires iOS 5, which means that if you’re on iOS 4 you’ll need to upgrade to be able to download it.

Why should I upgrade?
Besides being able to install Toca Band, your device will be more compatible with existing and future software. If you choose to activate iCloud, you can perform future updates and sync files without connecting to a computer – a wifi connection is all you need. Also, future updates will be much simpler and quicker, as you won’t need to connect your device to a computer anymore.

Can’t I just wait until iOS 6 is released on September 19?
Absolutely. However, until iOS 6 has been out for a few days, we can’t provide you with any instructions on how to update from iOS 4. If you want to be able to use Toca Band right away without having to worry about iOS 6 upgrade issues, we recommend that you upgrade to iOS 5 now.

The actual upgrade process is usually very simple, but takes a little time, so make sure you’re not in a hurry. Follow these instructions if you’re using a computer that you’ve already synced your device with before:

1) IMPORTANT! Before upgrading: back up your device! This is an absolute must if you don’t want important information (contacts, text messages, game data) to be lost after upgrading. Here’s how to back up:
a) Connect your iOS device to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.
b) Select your iOS device in iTunes under Devices.
c) Right-click (or Control-click) the device and select Back Up.

To upgrade:
2) Now locate your device in the left panel of iTunes and click on it. This will open up the Settings Panel on the right.
3) Click on the “Check for updates” button and choose “Download and Update”. iTunes will now automatically download the new iOS 5 software, upgrade your device and restore the data automatically. This will probably take some time – do NOT disconnect your device during the upgrade process. Just follow the instructions when prompted.
4) Once your device is successfully updated, it will restart. After that, you can safely eject it from iTunes.

If you’re using a computer that you’ve never synced your device with before:
Please follow these instructions on Apple’s support page.

Naming contest!

11 Sep 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Only nine days left until Toca Band is released – and we just discovered that one of the band members still doesn’t have a name! Do you and your kids want to help us out? Check out this little video to see how the character looks and sounds – then think hard and send your very best name suggestion.

E-mail your suggestion together with your postal address to, with “Naming contest” in the subject line, latest Monday September 17th. The winning name will be presented here and on our Facebook page on the 19th. The winner will also receive a little Toca Boca goodiebag – so don’t forget to give us your postal address! If you’re under 16, please include your parents’ names and e-mail addresses.

Contest period: September 11-17, 2012. The winning name will be chosen by members of the Toca Boca staff, and presented on and Toca Boca’s Facebook page on September 19, 2012. The winner will also be notified by e-mail. The decision of the judges is final and binding. Toca Boca reserves the right to use the winning character name in promotion material related to Toca Boca and Toca Band, including the Toca Band app description on App Store.

Edit: We’ve received so many good entries that we’ll need a little more time. We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday September 21st!

Toca Band trailer

7 Sep 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Turn the volume up – it’s finally time to show you our next release. Introducing … TOCA BAND!

Our new musical toy, featuring 16 fun band members, will be rocking App Store on Thursday, September 20th, at $1.99. Check out the official game play trailer here! It’s wicked!

Letter from Riley’s mom

5 Sep 2012 by Björn Jeffery

We love it when kids – all kids, any kids – have fun with Toca Boca toys. However, sometimes we hear stories about our apps being an actual help to kids with various difficulties – autism, learning disabilities etc. We don’t develop our apps specifically for these children, but it’s always extra heartwarming to hear about them enjoying our apps, finding help developing new skills and discovering their own creativity. This is one letter we received the other day, from Rachel Kremen in New Jersey:

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how wonderful your apps have been for my three-year-old autistic son, Riley. Riley is the kind of autistic child who naturally has an incredible memory for facts: he could fully read at 18 months, now knows the shape and location of every country on earth, all the flags, bones in the body, etc.

Despite all this, he could not play. He did not understand the idea of a toy – any toy without obvious educational value. If you handed him a train, he would bang it or put it in his mouth, even at age two. If you handed him a doll, same thing.

Initially, we bought him apps that were academically oriented (such as geography and math quiz games), because he enjoyed them. But what we really wanted was for him to learn how to play like other children and be creative. No matter how we tried to show him how to play, he did not understand anything that did not involve the same answer every time. So, for example, he could not understand how to play with trains, answer a question about his favorite animal, pretend to feed a doll, or color.

Your apps gave him an environment that was just the right mix of open yet predictable play, so that he could explore the sorts of things other little boys and girls love. And because there is no real language in your apps, it gives us a chance to talk about what is going on, instead of him simply memorizing the lines characters say.

Best of all, he has transferred these play skills to the real world! During his play therapy, he now enjoys pretending to buy and cook food, pretending to paint his dolls’ hair and, most recently, play with a train set. He can tell us all about who is getting on and off the train, what his favorite hair color is, and what he likes to cook.

I realize you aren’t specifically making apps for the autism community, so I thought you might not even realize the kind of positive impact you have in this regard.
We look forward to many new Toca Boca apps in the future and wish your company all the best.


Rachel Kremen
Highland Park, New Jersey

Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

Teaser video

31 Aug 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Yo! Wondering what we”ve been busy with these past weeks? We”ve been hard at work – and play – creating our next digital toy. We can”t wait to launch it, and we hope that this teaser video will make you just as excited as we are!

Toca Boca Summer Sale!

13 Jul 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Summer is here and we’re celebrating big time!

Starting today, and every third day until July 30th, 2012 we’re going to give you 50% off one of our digital toys. That’s right…we’ll be offering a new deal every third day, so if you catch all the apps we’re discounting, you’ll wind up with six fun apps for your children at a great price! Make sure to check out our Facebook page regularly to see which apps are on sale.

We’re starting off with Helicopter Taxi, which you can download for $0.99 instead of $1.99 until Sunday July 15, 23.59 CET. Already own it? Use App Store’s “Gift This App” feature to give it to a friend!

Meet Jens Peter de Pedro, the Play Designer behind Toca Train!

21 Jun 2012 by admin

Have you ever wondered how an idea find its way into a Toca Train toy and want to know more about the development process? To dig out more info, take a look at this interview with our well-talented Toca Train designer, Jens Peter de Pedro!

Hi Jens Peter Please tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a half Spaniard, half Swede, married to an American. Father of two girls. I’m the Play Designer behind Toca Hair Salon, Helicopter Taxi, Toca Kitchen, Paint My Wings, and now Toca Train. Many years ago, I was a student of Child Development and a graphic designer. A lot of people call me JP for short.

What is Toca Train and what can you do with it?
Toca Train is sort of like a train play set. You can drive the train around a track and pick up passengers and goods.

What inspired you to develop Toca Train, How did the idea for Toca Train come about?
Independently people had been bugging our CEO about trains. Their kids loved trains and why didn’t we do something with trains. So the question landed in our game design team. I started thinking about what it could be that makes kids love trains so much. I encountered a blog that an autistic woman had written to explain to regular folks how autistic people think. She described their thinking and at the end, to summarize her point, she said their thinking is sort of like the movement of a train, and that perhaps that is why autistic people love trains so much. I thought that was very interesting because I believe all of us have a bit of autistic thinking at times, that we all need to be in this mind state occasionally, to some degree. So I started thinking of the train and the mind moving together through a landscape and that was the seed for what became Toca Train, a stress free game about a train that always moves forward and that you can control and follow from every different angel.

What has been the hardest obstacle you have had to overcome in the development process?
Our team was rather new to the technology that we used to make the game three-dimensional. So there was a lot of learning on the go. Some lessons where tougher than others! Also, getting the interface for controlling the train right took a few tries.

And how long was the process from the original idea to the release of the toy?
It was about 6 months, perhaps 5 months of intense work.

Besides cute and adorable characters, the driver in Toca Train is particularly arousing our interest. Can you introduce him to us briefly?
His name is Kenta Karlsson. We don’t know if he is half Japanese or not, because Kenta is also a Swedish nickname for Kent. Originally his granddaughter was going to be riding with him on the coal wagon, but we had to cut her out due to time restrains in the project. I think Kenta misses her.

And finally, what are your plans for the future? Will there be any updates?
There will surely be updates. We’d like to make the world and the characters to feel even more alive. Kenta needs not only his granddaughter but he also needs to be relived from his job on occasion. We are thinking his wife should be able to drive the train too. We think they met in train driving school in the fall of 1898. It would also be fun to add bifurcations and open up new places where the train could go in the world. Perhaps there could be people cheering and waving to Kenta or his wife as the go. We’re going to see what reactions we get from our fans too, so please send us your suggestions! Thanks again for your time, JP!


For all the Toca Train fans!
Can’t get enough of Toca Train? Now, we’re thrilled to be able to give you some extra bonus material of Toca Train. And the best part of this collection is that it will be available for absolutely free. Watch this extended Toca Train trailer showing the train in action, something extra for all the little train lovers!


Toca Train map of the landscape!


Meet all the cute characters in Toca Train, check out their names!

You can download these wallpapers on your iPhone, iPad or Desktop, see them all below! To download the wallpaper, click on the wallpaper you want below. Once you get the image in your browser, simply right click on it and save it. Enjoy!

Toca Train wallpaper for your Desktop!


Toca Train wallpaper for your iPad!


Toca Train wallpaper for your iPhone!


We hope you’ll enjoy! Get onboard and start driving the train straight away.


Introducing: Toca Train

14 Jun 2012 by Björn Jeffery

There is a certain something about trains. The sound, the design, how they feel when you’re riding on them through a pretty landscape. But the most fun must be to be the train driver yourself. This is the feeling that we tried to capture in our latest app, Toca Train.

Toca Train landscape

In this toy, your kids are in full control and drive the train around a beautiful island. Along the way you can pick up and drop off both passengers and cargo, blow the horn or just appreciate the calming ride in the train. Only your kids imagination sets the limitations. Just a like a toy train set.

We’re very happy to release Toca Train to the world today. Get onboard and start riding the train straight away.

The team behind Toca Train is:

Jens Peter de Pedro – Play Designer
Emil Berner – Graphic Designer
Andrey Zhukov – Playsmith
Eric Alm – Playsmith
Lisa Jonsson – Sound Designer
Håkan Lidbo – Music
Emil Ovemar – Producer

Toca Boca in the WWDC Keynote

13 Jun 2012 by Björn Jeffery

Wow. We can’t quite describe how happy and humbled we are to have been included in the Apple Keynote at WWDC. It is an amazing video that shows the difference that apps have made in people’s lives. And Toca Boca is mentioned as an example of how you can use apps as a part of speech training. A special thanks goes to Renena Joy and her great family that share their story in the video. Take a look at it below.

Toca Boca Diary. Letter #4.

11 May 2012 by admin

Ready for a new Toca Boca update?! It’s been a while…

Mother’s Day is coming up in many parts of the world on Sunday May 13 and what better way to celebrate it than by playing new Toca Boca toys with your kids? Therefore, we have two offers: Toca Doctor and Toca Doctor HD (for iPad) are both absolutely FREE until Sunday May 13, 11:59 pm CET. And from now on Toca Tea Party (iPad only) is $1.99 instead of $2.99 (33% off)! Hurry over to the App Store!

Oh, and did you know that we have a thing going on with Tattly – an amazing temporary tattoo webshop for kids and grown-ups – this month? Use the discount code “TOCABOCAMAY” to get a 10% discount when you purchase tattoos from Tattly. You’ll get a complementary FREE Toca Boca tattoo with each purchase.

So, what else is happening?

Our office assistant Lina is still looking for the perfect Toca Boca office (here is a recent mini interview with Lina). She is also planning a summer surprize party; partly because I’m going on maternity leave on May 25. Fun times!

The project team members are fully focused on finishing our new digital toys. Mathilda is “between apartments” and is therefore working from her parents’ house in Varberg (southwestern Sweden). We miss her and her lovely little pug – Maki – tremendously!

Emil, Eric and Andrey are rather close to completing their project. Here is a treat for our blog readers: a sneak peek of the environment in the app. Can you guess what kind of app it is?

Our new team member and VP of Communication and Marketing, Jenny, has been busy setting up project plans. Her laptop is full of complex, yet colorful, Excel sheets that will make our lives much easier. In addition, Jenny has redesigned our newsletter to make it more fun and straightforward. Sign up here if you want to be first to learn about upcoming updates and sales.

Björn is ending his extensive conference tour in America (Sandbox Summit i Boston, Digital Kids Conference in LA, Mamabear in Mountain View) with InPlay i Toronto and Dust or Magic in Monterey. If you’re going – feel free to reach out (@bjornjeffery on Twitter). Björn loves meeting new people in the industry and is very nice! As depicted in this epic photo.

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!



Toca Boca diary. Letter #3.

20 Apr 2012 by admin

Two extremely different weeks have passed since our latest blog post. First, Easter Holiday with plenty of food, candy, bunnies and more candy. Then, hard, hard work. Our three teams are all really focused on making the digital toys they are currently working on the best ever. I have seen early demos and they all look amazing! And they’re definitely worth waiting for!

Oh, and we have two new animators – Johan and Martin – in the house. Temporarily. They will help us animate our new characters and are doing a really great job bringing them all to life.


Our CEO Björn was here on a quick visit last week. He lives in San Francisco but visits Sweden every now and then. After spending most of his time in meetings, Björn now seems to have a fairly good idea of what the future of Toca Boca will look like. It is all very exciting! Björn is now back in the US. He was last seen at the Sandbox Summit at MIT, handing out Toca Boca gear and networking with cool and interesting people.

Our office assistant Lina is still looking for an amazing new office for the growing Toca Boca team. So far, none has been good enough. Lina also took the time to arrange a really fun ice cream event last Friday. We all got to try the new ice cream flavors of the season and rated them. The more chocolate the better seemed to be the general concent. Yum! Poor Eric (one of our developers) unfortunately missed the whole thing since he had to save his new bathtub. The delivery guys threatened to leave it out on the street. :)

Our Producer Emil has been busy thinking about cool Toca Boca merchandise (a little web shop is coming later this year). Here are some prototypes for future stickers and badges. Looks very promising, doesn't it? Once the prototypes are ready, our graphic designer Emil B will work his magic on them to make them even more amazing.

So, what have I (Paulina) been up to? Well, apart from being very, very pregnant (baby due in seven weeks), I’ve been busy preparing new campaigns and collaborations. I'll tell you more about the soon. On Saturday, I will moderate a panel discussion about community management in startups at Startup Day 2012 here in Stockholm. The conference will be broadcasted online, so check it out if you're interested!

That’s all for now. Have a great time in the sun/rain/snow!