Toca Boca

Coming soon: Toca Hair Salon 2!

6 Dec 2012 by Björn Jeffery

So you loved Toca Hair Salon – but you wanted more. More features, more tools (especially a curling iron!), more hairstyling fun. After months of work, we're really excited to present … Toca Hair Salon 2! Out December 13 on the App Store. Get it during the first week and save 66% (launch price $0.99)!

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  • Luv123

    When you make an app let it out the day you finish it I can’t wait!!!!

  • Lauren

    Oh my god!!! In so exited!!!!! Love the first one bit the second one will be even better!

  • Jessica

    I love toca boca apps I have all of them in my iPad. I am soo happy a 2 hair salon with better features is coming out I love toca boca

  • Mikayla

    YEAH…………. toca boca. it zoooooooo GENIUS.

    i have hair salon 2. now al those others.

    PS: i love you toca boca.

  • Lucy

    Finally something to do with toca boca.

    and i mean of course toca boca hair salon 2