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Introducing: Toca House

23 Feb 2012 by Björn Jeffery

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Finally – the first Toca Boca release for 2012! And it's a pretty one. Introducing: Toca House!

This time the toy takes place in a house where five friends live together. You have to help them with their different activities and chores. The style is similar to Toca Doctor, but here we decided to explore the domestic theme instead. I think our play designer Erik Wahlgren puts in really well in our “For Parents” section:

To small children housekeeping is novel, in their eyes it´s an act of making things nice. Later in life many learn from their surroundings that it´s a dull duty. Our aim with this game is to help bringing out the fun and rewarding parts in making your home nice. We think that establishing housekeeping as something joyful early in life will be a big help to your child as he or she will grow up and eventually will have to manage a home of their own.

It's a fun, lovable toy that introduces a familiar concept. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Try out Toca House straight away!

The team for this toy was:

Erik Wahlgren – Play Designer
Mathilda Engman – Art Director
Amanda Rösler – Playsmith
Red Pipe – Sound Design
Emil Ovemar – Producer

With additional design from Emil Berner, and animation and code from Eric Alm and Jack Nutting.

  • Konstantin Baidak

    AWSME GAME! THNX !!!!!!!!

  • Guilherme Chimenti

    My daughter loves the games of Toca Boca, keep up the good work.