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Introducing: Helicopter Taxi

15 Mar 2011 by Björn Jeffery

As our first digital toy, we are proud to announce the release of Helicopter Taxi for iPhone! The story is that Rita and Skip, our pilots, run a helicopter taxi that picks up five different characters that need to get to certain places. Your kids can fly the helicopter by walking around in the room and moving the iPhone. Since it is in 3D, you can look at the helicopter from all angles by simply turning the iPhone. After picking all of the characters up and flying them to where they want to go, you fly the helicopter home so Rita and Skip can rest for the night. After that, you’re ready to play again!

Helicopter Taxi uses the camera on the iPhone in an innovative way in order to create an augmented reality effect. It looks like the helicopter is flying in the room with you! You pick the characters up by simply laying the iPhone down on a flat surface, and then they get in or out.

Helicopter Taxi

Helicopter Taxi is not a game so much as a digital toy. There are no points, high scores or certain time limits that kids have to adapt to. It is also forgiving with where and when you land the helicopter – it always works, and you’re always in the right place. We feel this is important so that kids can play with it in a way that suits them best. Without constraints!

Our team for this product was:

Jens Peter de Pedro – Play Designer
Emil Berner – Art Director
Andrey Zhukov – Playsmith
Niklas Wörmann – Playsmith
Emil Ovemar – Producer

So what are you waiting for? Go get it! :)

  • Nina Jensen

    It looks like great fun. I love the idea that it brings together two forms of transportation into a single one that will spark children’s imagination–and that there are no right or wrong ways to play it. I know my
    grandchildren would love it.

    Nina Jensen

  • Matt Jones

    Awesome. Toys not games – the player’s many stories not the single author’s… Brilliant stuff you lot.

  • Polly Miller

    This should appeal to evvery child who still possess imagination. Congratulations, Jens Peter and colleagues!

  • June

    Does this support “in-App video out”?
    I want to use this with my Vuzix Wrap video eyewear to be inside this game?
    If not, will you add this feature?

    • Andrey Zhukov

      The answer, I’m afraid is no. Unfortunately there’s no AppStore review-approved
      (possible only with private API now) way to do screen doubling of OpenGL 3D

      • June

        I believe it is now possible ion iPhone 4, iPad(s) and the latest Touch. Check out Rage HD for a game that used in-app video out. Not 3D in that case, but if the output is SxS, it works fine. The Vuzix glasses reformat the SxS and give 3D to the eyes on a 67″ ‘virtual’ screen.
        They work great with all the 3D content on YouTube and elsewhere…

        • Andrey Zhukov

          Thanks for providing the hints, June! I really haven’t thought of side by side (SxS) alternative for 3D content. We’ll add this feature to the wish list.

  • June

    Does this work on iPad2?

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  • Liam

    Does Rita Look Like The Charicter From Toca Boca Hair Salon 1?